Affordable Long Range IOT


We design, deploy and manage powerful IOT sensors, sensor grids to sense, record, transmit accurate information in real time for years.

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Accurate Sensing

Smart sense in real time with maximum accuracy. Powered by super long, durable, long range, high power sensor nodes.

Locate/Track/Analyse Real Time

Timestamped accurate data processed by big data analytics engine to deliver near real time suggestions and alerts..

Optimize Business Processes

Smart actionable insights powered by data analytics to optimize business processes and systems, which leads to higher margins.

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Become data driven smart business

Modular sensor node with multiple I/O ports

Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Ambiance, Vibration, Location..... attach any type of Sensor and we are ready to go. Plug and play sensor nodes providing unlimited combinations and modularity to suit your requirements.

Trends and preemptive

We collect, record and transmit timestamped data to observe, predict trends in real time. Data insights provides most important breakthrough for understanding, predicting thus preemptive actions.

Super long range

Build on UNB for IOT, a state of art long range communication technology. It provides long range data transmission with single base station. One SW Black box can cover a 1KM wide area.

Insightful & Flexible Dashboard

With 7 years of robust research, we have built rich content dashboards for quick analysis, faster and better decisions.

Smart Hub CHIRP

SenseWave patented SmartHub connects you to a buffet of sensors instantly. Explore amazing benefits